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Www.closerie the full and exclusive ownership of the company Closerie de Nercillac based in Montour.

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The site content consists of the overall structure, text, fixed and moving images, as well as audio and video. Any partial or total reproduction of the site without prior written permission of La Closerie de Montour is prohibited (Article L335-2 of the Code of Intellectual Property).

The visuals present in the site are not contractual and can not constitute a guarantee of performance for the activity of houses or cottages for guests. Some images in the site are owned by professional photographers whose use rights were acquired by La Closerie de Montour (© Johnny Lye - © Cristinal Fumi - © Fotolia).

Using the site's content
Any reproduction site content in any medium, known or unknown for group use or professional, even internally is prohibited. The same goes for any communication of that content electronically, including diffusion on the Intranet or Extranet of companies or local governments.
It is only authorised reproduction for storage of display single and reproduction in a single copy, for backup and drawing paper. Any other use must be subject to a written request for permission from the owner of the site. Any offender faces possible criminal and civil penalties under the Act French.

Permission to reproduce content on electronic media
To establish a link to the site or to reproduce content published on the site (text, graphics and illustrations) on an electronic medium (Web, Intranet, CD - ROM ...), send your request by mail, fax or e-mail to the Closerie de Montour.
Please describe the context, time, the identity of the user and the third geographical territory of exploitation. Be sure to specify your name, the name of your association or your business, the URL of your site, and contact information, including your e-mail.

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